What makes Blaq different?

Sleek. Sexy. Easy. Instant. No more bulky mouth trays and led lights, Blaq Teeth Whitening Applicator is a pocket or pursed size teeth whitening product which can be used anywhere anytime for an instant white smile.

Blaq’s exclusive hydrogen peroxide formula is the highest legal limit in Australia, and causes no harm to teeth or yourself.

How does Blaq work?

The key ingredient, Hydrogen Peroxide soaks into the teeth’s dentin and enamel. It removes stains that have penetrated into the teeth from coffee, smoking or just day to day damage, and changes coloured compounds into colourless ones by an oxidation process.

Shipping Information

Most orders submitted before 12:00pm from Monday to Friday (Australian Eastern Standard Time) will be sent the next business day. There are un-tracked and tracked postage options to choose.
Blaq utilises both FastWay couriers and Australia Post as our shipping partners and neither parties can be held liable for undelivered and damaged products. Please contact That Smile: info@loveblaq.com for any queries relating to damaged during shipping and undelivered items.

Blaq does not take responsibility for any un-tracked international parcels that go missing. Use of non-traceable shipping is at customer’s own risk and there is no way to retrieve or locate the package once it has been sent. We are not responsible for delays, lost or damaged shipments or orders sent to incorrect, invalid addresses or correct addresses.

Orders may end up being returned for various reasons including: non-payment of Duty & VAT, incorrect address, unclaimed at post office, etc. If a package is returned or rejected, the customer will need to email info@loveblaq.com to arrange redelivery and will also have to pay for all postage costs.

Blaq will help as much as possible to trace a missing parcel, however if untracked standard shipping is selected, it is the customer’s responsibility to follow up with the carrier.

Please direct any shipping related inquiries to info@loveblaq.com

Returns & Refunds

Blaq will offer a refund, but only within 14 days and only for defective items.  This refund is only available if all items provided are returned in their original state, and include all packing material, original manuals and instructions, and any accessories that came with them. Partially returned items will NOT be accepted. Once the LED light and mouth tray has been used, it will not be liable for a refund. It is the customer’s responsibility to pay for shipping costs upon return. Refund will be limited to the cost of the item being returned via regular post not express. An item returned via express is the responsibility of the user and a partial refund of only the actual regular mail will be refunded. It is the user’s responsibility to be aware of this.

For any enquiries relating to retuns please contact info@loveblaq.com

Will Blaq harm my teeth?

You can expect no issues from using whitening products which are consistent with ACCC standards, 6% HP or less. This is a government regulation which was put in place to avoid injuries as a result of using whitening products containing above the legal limit of Carbamide Peroxide. Be sure to use the product as directed on the box and follow all safety instructions.

Can anyone use Blaq?

Unfortunately, Blaq isn’t for everyone. We recommend anyone under the age of 18, women breastfeeding or pregnant and anyone with dental or health related issues consult their GP or dentist prior to use. Any persons with sensitive gums or teeth, cavities, gum disease, exposed roots or have had any dental work done should consult their dentist before use.